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Lauren Vallario is a Kitchen and Bathroom designer based in Westchester County New York, providing services to clients located in New York and Connecticut. Lauren earned a degree in Kitchen and Bathroom Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has over 10 years of experience working with clients in designing their homes.


Lauren has worked on projects of all sizes from facelifts to renovation and new construction homes. While her specialty is kitchens and bathrooms, she also designs mudrooms, laundry rooms and custom millwork for her clients. Lauren has extensive experience in new construction projects and enjoys working with her clients to select hard finishes for their homes.


Lauren believes that design is a collaborative effort between a designer and his/her client(s). Everyone has their own style and through collaboration she will find yours. The process is to guide you, make sure you make the right decisions and together we will create a space that is both functional and beautiful and most importantly reflects you.


The initial consultation is a very casual conversation to see if we are right for each other. Design is personal and in order to achieve a design that really works for you I need to understand what you have, what you like and what isn’t working for you.


From there measurements of your space will be taken and space planning begins. We typically present -3 potential layouts. Then we review them together and make adjustments until they are perfect for you and meet your needs.


Once the layout is achieved, product selection begins. Lauren will take you shopping for cabinetry, fixtures, tile, etc and work towards the right aesthetic and budget.


Finally, a complete set of construction drawings and product specification book developed so that you may put your project out to bid. Once a contractor has been selected, Lauren will stay on to make sure that the project runs smoothly and the design is realized.

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