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A Fresh Start

One of my favorite types of projects is a facelift. Don’t get me wrong, working with a blank slate can be super fun, but the challenge of working with what you have can be thrilling, especially if you have good bones. Now, I should say, I really don’t recommend giving your space a facelift unless it has good bones. What does that mean exactly? If it is a kitchen, the cabinets should be in good shape needing as little repair as possible. If a bathroom, your core fixtures such as a bathtub should be in good shape. A facelift allows you to spend a fraction of what you would normally spend if you had to gut renovate a space BUT it is only worth it if the expensive items in the space are in good working order and don’t also need to be replaced. Also, please keep in mind you don’t want to be penny wise and pound foolish. If these bigger fixtures will need to be replaced in a short time, wait it out, don’t spend money that you will just have to spend again in a few years to do the project right.

Today I want to share a small facelift that I recently completed. This facelift is part of a larger kitchen facelift that I will share with you soon.

As we started the kitchen, the client decided that her bar could use a freshening and asked me to help her pick a color for the cabinets and walls. Nothing else needed to be changed, the cabinets were in excellent shape, the hardware was great as were the countertops and backsplash. She was really just tired of the color.

For the last few years this was truly a “fun” room. Red cabinets, chalk board walls, just a fun space for fun things to happen in. We decided that we wanted to see a little more synergy between the kitchen and the bar although in totally separate spaces. We painted the cabinet Benjamin Moore Hale Navy in a High Gloss finish and toned the walls down with one of my favorite neutrals Benjamin Moore Pale Oak. It’s fresh and new, but still has the fun bar vibe that it should.

A little can go a long way for a space! Sometimes all you need is a little bit of paint.

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