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Welcome back! Last week we explored different ways to organize and hide your small appliances in ways that still made them convenient to use. This week I want to explore how to store smaller items. As I mentioned at the end of last weeks blog, many of the suggestions I have may have been custom made for my clients but with a little creativity, you can recreate them so that they work for you in your current kitchen.

I mentioned in last weeks blog that using quality inserts can really make a difference in how you organize your kitchen. I want to share with you some of my favorites. Let’s start with those pesky cutting boards and cookie sheets. Those skinny wide boards are not easy to store in a traditional cabinet. They don’t fit flat in a drawer and if your cabinet has a drawer above it, they most likely won’t fit standing up. I find the best solution for storing and accessing cookie sheets and cutting board is in a tall narrow cabinet, often referred to as a tray cabinet. This cabinet has a few stationary dividers in it which work ok, but I think this insert by Rev-A-Shelf makes storing these items SO much easier to access. You have flexibility in how you divide the cookie sheets or cutting boards up and there is also a nifty spot for plastic wrap and aluminum foil. The best part about this insert… it pulls out! No more bending down and searching for the right cutting board, just pull it out and you can see everything from the top down. So much easier!

If you have a full height cabinet door (no drawer above it) this insert can easily be retrofitted in your kitchen. You should have some carpentry experience but it is definitely something a DIYer can tackle.

This next insert is something I think many of us kitchen lovers dream about, especially bakers. This creative insert efficiently stores dry goods like flour, sugar and grains. It even comes with the containers.

I love this organizer because it helps my clients keep their countertops clear of clutter. If you are limited on counter space, cute jars for your flour, sugar, and grains really shouldn’t be on them. They should be stored away in airtight jars and off your countertops so that you have all the space you need to work.

Ok so now I want to talk about everyone’s dirty little secret. C’mon we all have one. You know what I am talking about. It’s that one drawer in your kitchen that things collect in. We all open and close it as quickly as possible so we can pretend we didn’t see what’s in there or better yet, so no one else sees it!

It’s ok; As I said, we all have one and it may look something like this:

The good news is, this is one drawer that I will give you a pass on. Yup, that’s right, if it’s all contained in this one drawer and not spilling out onto your countertops, it’s ok! Let’s call this organized chaos. As long as you know what you keep in this drawer and how to find it, it works.

If you are looking for a better way to organize it, here are some tips.

I find when you are trying to organize things that are a variety of sizes that either an organizer with multiple size compartments or a series of different sized trays works best.

I purchased a bunch of plastic trays from Walmart, yup, that’s not a misprint, just plain old Walmart. There are so many different things in this drawer but as you can see, I can find them. Sure it still gets a little messy from time to time when the kiddos get in there, but it’s much easier to get it back in order when there is a place to put everything.

Organizing these spaces may seem insignificant but I promise you, it will change the way you use your kitchen and more importantly, it will change the way you live!

'Til next time…

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