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Dining Room Table Makeover - Part 2

Hi! So last week I started telling you how I brought some new life to my dining room table set. We left off with the tabletop having a fresh coat of stain and wax finish. This week I am going to share with you how I painted the apron of the table and the 6 chairs.

The process was really identical to what I did in my blog title “How to Refinish Cabinets Without Sanding Them”. Space in my garage was limited so I worked on the table apron and legs first since the table was already set up there. Then I worked on the chairs two at a time so that we always had four chairs in our dining area to use. I started by giving all of the areas I was working on a really good cleaning with my go to cleaner, Krud Kutter. I sprayed and wiped everything down with a clean white cloth. Once the cleaning was done, I applied the liquid deglosser to all of the areas several times. I wanted to make sure that the primer and paint really bonded to the surface. This table and chair set is used several times I day so I wanted to make sure it would hold up. After I let the de-glosser set, I began to apply Zinsser Bin Primer using a brush and a small foam roller. I wanted to avoid brush strokes so I used both methods to apply the primer. I chose Benjamin Moore’s Steel Wool for the color of the apron and chairs so I had the paint store tint the primer. I figured if the paint did get scratched or chipped that the base coat would then be closer in color to the paint color and be less visible.

After the primer dried, I went over the apron and legs with 220 grit sandpaper. It is important to make sure you don’t have any drips or bubbles to achieve a really nice finish so taking the extra time to go over these areas is important. Once that was done, I was ready to paint. Again I used a combination of brush and roller to apply the paint. I used Benjamin Moore’s Advance paint in a satin finish for the final coat. No need for polyurethane just two coats of this awesome paint and you have a factory finish. After I finished the apron and worked on the chairs two at a time until all six chairs were completed. Here is the finished product:

Every time someone sees my table and chairs they think we got a new set. I think that means my mission has been accomplished!

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