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Powder Rooms!

Today I want to talk about one of the most fun spaces (I think) a person can design, a Powder Room. When you think of a powder room, you probably don’t think of FUN, but let’s try to change your mind a bit.

Powder rooms are often referred to as half baths, basically because they are just that, only half of what is needed to complete a full bathroom. It’s a place where you can do what you typically do in a bathroom and wash your hands, but there isn’t a tub or shower in there. From a design perspective that actually can work in your favor. I’m sure you are wondering what I mean. Well to start, if you’re designing this fun little space, you don’t need as large of a budget because there are half as many fixtures and if you are using tile, you’ll need significantly less. You also open your selection of finishes up quite a bit because you aren’t contending with moisture. Fun wallpapers, textures and fabric sconces shades are no longer an issue because there isn’t a shower to create moisture in the space. When you’ve reduced your budget and increased your possibilities well… that’s awesome!

I put together a few images of powder rooms that I have designed over the years. Some are “formal” powder rooms, meaning NO KIDS ALLOWED, ha! And some are mudroom powder rooms which are all about the kids and anyone else who needs to use the restroom.

Let’s start with some of the less formal, mudroom powder rooms that I have done. This one is one of my all-time favorites. This cute powder room was just off of the mudroom which was also redesigned. The walls were wrapped in crisp white shiplap and the floor was done in a porcelain tile that looks like reclaimed hardwood. To offset the two, we added reclaimed barn wood shiplap as a focal along the vanity wall. This product was so fun to work with. It is by Stikwood. The pieces of reclaimed wood are milled to ¼” thick and backed with an adhesive so it is really easy to install and looks amazing once it is up. The rest of the elements in the space were casual and bordered industrial to keep it fun.

This next powder room is also part of a mudroom space. This one is more Scandinavian in style and incorporates more earthy elements. The walls in this home are plastered and the client wanted to bring that casual feel to this space as well. The vanity cabinet was plastered and finished with a sealant to protect it from water that splashes when guests or kids wash their hands. The wall-mounted faucet and marble farm sink add interesting elements to the space without making it feel too stuffy.

This next powder room is so playful, I just love it. We tied the color in from a bar that we added just off the kitchen. We used Benjamin Moore Old Navy for the vanity color and added this fun wallpaper to the space. The room was not large at all so it added so great impact without consuming it.

Now the next few images are of more formal powder rooms. You’ll see from the pictures, they are still playful and fun but in a more refined way.

In this first powder room, the client wanted to create a formal and moody space. The wainscot was already in the room so we painted it a crisp white, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and then used Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal in a high gloss finish on the upper part of the walls. All of the fixtures were done in polished nickel to add to the sparkle of the space.

Next, we have a formal powder room that was meant to have its visitors say “wow”. While the space is efficient (a.k.a. small) the focal wall of tile behind the washstand provides some instant impact when you enter the space. Some mixed metals, brushed brass, and polished nickel, bring out the texture in the tile and the hardwood floor and crisp white sink ground the space.

Finally, another favorite of mine for its simplicity. This formal powder room takes one of my favorite elements, natural stone and highlights the beauty of it. This wonderfully textured soapstone floating console just steals the show with the integrated stone sink. Guests are sure to be wowed but how beautiful this stone looks just floating in this space.

Whether your powder room is big or small, formal or informal, it is without a doubt a space to have fun with. It is easy to change out elements like paint or wallpaper if you get tired of them in a few years. Think of this space as a place where you can let your design style evolve over time. Take some risks and have fun with it!

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